siss left for boston yesterday (reached there 2 hours late); met naren for lunch at utsav; getting ready to go see tara in sfo; haven’t seen her in a year; the rain saved me from having to mow the lawn this morning


2 thoughts on “westward bound

  1. Arrived in sfo late night Sat.
    Sun – went to russian rive valley (J, Clos Du Bois and Chateau Soverain now Coppola)
    Mon – went to Lassen, drove back via feather river; had lots of fun

  2. Tue – went to Ferry Plaza in sfo; tara got t-shirt and meera chocolates from scharfenberger
    Wed – rented car; l&m had guindy lunch at passage2india; I had lunch with Sudhor at irish pub; went to mayu’s place;had coldStoneCreamery ic; went to radhis place; went to sampaths for dinner; went back to radhis, dropped l&m at radhis and I went back to taras
    Thu – returned rental; it&s went to radhis, picked up l&m went home; went to mall with tara; went to pacifica; ordered dindin from lilSichuan in SanMateo

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